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size kids


Based in Paris, France, Deco offers a multitude of toys designed with a delightful French flair! Frederick Michel Dales took over the family Djeco toys business in Paris in the 1990s and has since developed a spectacular line of imaginative toys including blocks, puzzles, pull toys, wooden toys, art kits, and mobiles. Djeco toys has been an Oompa favorite for years based on the stellar quality, unique designs, and high satisfaction of our customers.

Min: €0 Max: €25

Djeco Fishing Game - Fishing Dream

We love this game, look at all the happy fishes! There are 12 fishes and they want to be caught by you!


Djeco Card game - Sardines

A fun challenge ... not just for the kids!


Djeco Silhouettenpuzzle - Tatanka

36-piece puzzle with wonderful illustrations.


Djeco Silhouettenpuzzle - Fire Truck - 16pcs

This cute silhouette puzzle shows the little dolphin and his friends in their fun aquarium.


Djeco Puzzle Duo - Numbers

Combine the digits with the matching numbers of animals. A very fun and entertaining game!


Djeco Silhouette Puzzle - Locomotive

The sea creatures go on a trip. Puzzle in cute gift box for everyone from 3 years.


Djeco Charm - Ballerina

What a cute charm :-)


Djeco Silhouettenpuzzle - Ice cream Truck - 16 pcs

We love ice cream and this cute puzzle.


Djeco Silouette Puzzle - Laser Boy

Silhouette puzzle by Djeco.


Djeco Card game - Batameuh

Mooo, bahhh.... A beggar-my-neighbour card game where players make the sound of